Meet the right people and make it happen! is your go to resource to advance your cannabis based business to the next level. In this business it really is a matter of who you know. We believe that and we preach that to our clients on a daily basis. Our network is worldwide and if we don’t know the right person to help you – we know someone who knows them! Reach out to us today and let us fuel your journey. The consultation cost nothing and you have everything to gain.

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What we do:

The team at Connected Cannabis works with cannabis, hemp, edibles, and CBD entrepreneurs to help them fund and expand their businesses. Our team can also assist with joint ventures, bulk purchases of hemp, and debt financing. We work our files on a success basis so if we don’t succeed – you don’t pay. The success fee we charge is dependant on the task and is negotiable. We get paid on closing. The one constant with our group is our commitment to your success.


Who we are:

Our consultants are located in Canada, the US, and Europe. Members of our team have worked with some of the most interesting companies in places as varied as BC, Nevada, Colombia, and Slovenia. Our group works hand in hand with other cannabis professionals including attorneys and marketing people who understand the cannabis space. Our pool of knowledge is broad and deep.

Past mandates:

In the last 12-24 months, we have worked on numerous files including cannabis industry payment processing systems, bulk hemp purchasing, the funding of cannabis retail operations in the US and Canada. We have also successfully sourced joint ventures and financing for cannabis-based startups and cannabis-based companies that were ready to scale.

Work With US

We review every file we are offered as a team. Right now we are actively searching for new mandates. You can reach us by filling in our contact us page. Please reach out to us today and a member of our team will contact you within 24-48 hours. We look forward to working together. Our group is interested in all opportunities but in 2019-2020 we intend to focus on edibles, hemp, and CBD projects and companies.